LDD models for download

Below you'll find some links to LDD models that are available for download. This page still needs to be updated with pictures.

Winter Station
Winter Station from my Lego Ideas project. The Ideas project has expired so I can now make the design available for download.







Saturn V launch tower
Launch tower for the Saturn V ideas set 21309








Brooklyn Bridge
3 meters long double track train bridge in Brooklyn bridge style which can be seen in the huge layout 3.0 video.








Grandstand which is used in the 15 Lego train crash video

Lego grand stand LDD file







Almighty train station
The one and only... 25.000 brick Lego train station

Lego train station LDD file







Long bridge
3 meters long double track train bridge which can be seen in the huge layout 2.0 video

Passenger bridge
A simple passenger bridge to change platforms

Signal building
Signal building that can be seen in the coal terminal video

Train signal
Train signal

Pneumatic pressure reducer
If you want a particular pneumatic cilinder to open slower than the others, you can reduce the pressure in the tube leading to that cilinder a bit by squeezing the tube. That's what this little device does.

Coal hopper wagon
Hopper wagon with small linear actuator that can open a hatch in the bottom of the wagon. Used in the coal terminal video.