Alien Planet Explorer

Building time: 2 weeks

This is a bit of a stranger between my creations. I built it when I just came out of my so called “dark ages” (the period after teenage age that you want to play with the other sex instead of Lego). The whole technic PF stuff was new for me so I decided to build a model with it. Building MOC models is not my strongest point but sometimes I take a chance. I wanted to shoot the video in a nice environment so I went with the model to a sand plain.

Unfortunately there was a strong wind which blew sand through the model and its gears. The effect was that the motors completely stalled because of the sand between the gears! So that was the end of that story. A pretty stupid decision to go to a sand plain with strong winds, but I’ve learned from it! 😀

The caterpillar tracks have extra liftarms mounted for extra traction. The dril on the back can turn, move up/down in two segments and the drill itself rotates.