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    Christian Lange

    Hello AlmightyArjen, I’m a german guy who creates constructions with Lego Technic and I found your YouTube Channel and really like your projects. At the moment I’m trying to create an air pressure suspension for a tracked vehicle. My plan is to create pressure with a Lego compressor unit, store the air “produced” by the compressor in a tank, messure the actual pressure in the tank and the suspension unit(cylinders, air can’t escape) and controle the pressure in the suspension unit (because of the suspension, the cylinders are pressed sometimes, for example if the vehicle drives over something) by opening the valve(solenoid) between air tank and suspension unit if the pressure in the suspension unit gets too low. I want to automate all this with an Arduino, but I’m struggling with finding the right solenoid and the right pressure measuring tool. I was inspired to do this by your project “Lego pneumatic compressor automated by Arduino for future Lego train projects”. Can you help me out or give me some tips?
    Thank you very much 🙂

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    Christian Lange

    I forgot to say that I also want to controle the pressure in the tank by measuring it and putting more air in it if needed like in your video.

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