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  1. Glenn Luckinbill


    I am looking for someone who can build a scale model for our Eagle Rail system. Please visit our website,, and see the full length animation. If you’re interested in discussing this project, please let me know.


    Glenn Luckinbill
    Eagle Rail Container Logisitics

  2. John Dutt

    Hi Arjen

    I am just getting started with Arduino, started with an RC Car with an UNO and Motor Shield. I thought your videos were fantastic. I loved the tech but the videos are also very entertaining.

    I am trying to understand how a few things worked in your layouts. I would like to create an automated railroad layout. A few questions if you do not mind –
    * How are you powering all the track? I saw voltage regulators in one of your videos but did not completely understand.
    * I saw MOSFET devices, what are they doing?
    * Are the Lego engines analog? Meaning start/stop/speed is controlled by varying the voltage?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    John Dutt
    Westport, CT USA

    1. Arjen Post author

      Hi John,

      Thanks! Sorry for the slow reply: still building this website and I don’t look every day on it! The tracks are powered by normal Lego 9V speed regulators. The places where a train must stop are isolated and are controlled by a motor driver (L293D). I use the voltage regulators for making 5V for logic circuits. MOSFETs are also used for controlling motors, but nowadays I only use the motor driver chips which are easier to use. The speed of the train on the normal tracks are indeed regulated by changing the voltage. The isolated tracks that are speed controlled by the controller through the motor driver using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).

  3. Janneman

    Hi Arjen

    I am big fan of your work. I enjoyed the coal terminal and can see the engineer behind it. Good luck the the wip projects. I would like to see some more photos of your coal terminal unloading station plus the moving conveyors. You should go and work for lego…. Aaaarrrrrhhhh

    1. Arjen Post author

      Thanks! I’m still working on the website, I’ll be adding photos from the coal terminal soon!

  4. David Price

    Hello Arjen — You are a great inspiration for us who are new at LEGO. HELP! The LEGO needs some method of organization! Could you PLEASE do two videos on organizing LEGO? The first would be for beginners… how you did it when you first got into LEGO. The second would explain your current organization system. All of those plastic boxes and drawers near your desk look very inspiring!


    P.S. I was in Netherlands last summer for 2 weeks. One week we rented a boat and travelled all around on the wonderful canals. The other week we visited my wife’s cousin in Middelburg. (My wife was born in Utrecht and came to the U.S.A. at age two but she still knows Dutch.) One of the most impressive things we saw in Zeeland is the Flood Museum in Ouwerkerk. Also the Delta Works. I wonder what that would like in LEGO?

    Thanks again for considering my request, Arjen.

    Dave P.
    United States

    1. Arjen Post author

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment! I can make a video about how my Lego is organized, I’ll upload it to my Work In Progress channel since I don’t want my main channel to become too much of a “blog” thing. I’ll let you know when I’ve uploaded it. How cool that you made a trip to the Netherlands! I think that the Delta Works are indeed a bit of a national pride here in the Netherlands (our national pride doesn’t go any further I believe) and a great achievement. I am not planning to build in in Lego though: I think it would be too static: I like to build things that moves or that have a lot of moving parts.

      1. David Price

        MANY THANKS, ARJEN! The video on your LEGO organization philosophy really helped me and makes sense. I already ordered the plastic drawers.

        Any chance you can do a ‘Work in Progress’ philosophy video on how you design of a new LEGO project? It’s kind of an advanced topic, but do you start with drawings? How do you find out what pieces are available? Do you use LDRAW or any software? Perhaps you could use your multi-season train station as an example?

        Looking forward to hearing you share yet more of your LEGO philosophy!


  5. Sky

    My son is wondering where you got the hinge piece for the escalator? He keeps calling it a ball pin hinge…he searched Pick A Brick and was unable to find it. He’s only 8, so this is a huge undertaking…but he asked me to contact you and see if you would respond. To be honest, I’m not even sure he’s describing the piece correctly…all I know is he is trying to build a working escalator and he showed me your video where you discuss the hinge…etc. Thanks, in advance, for any reply.

    1. Arjen Post author

      I think your son probably means this part, which comes in two pieces that are clicked together:
      Top 1:
      Top 2:

      On the website I just linked to you can also find in which Lego sets these parts are used by clicking on a color in “known colors”.

      I hope I helped you out with this one. If you or your son have anymore questions, please let me know!

  6. Dion Riverlea

    Hi Arjen: I’m impressed by your work. Seem to be more than 30 years older than you: so I never had Lego as a child.
    When it comes to Lego, I’m mainly into Architecture: but after we lost the Family Trainset, I had to provide a substitute for my Grandkids: so back to Lego again. OK, bought trains for the boys: but when my grand-daughter came along, I bought set 60097 for her… it’s not just a male thing.

    60097 has a tram in it … equivalent to the 3000 series here in Melbourne (the “Tram Capital of the World”). You might refer to this as “light rail” or whatever: anyway, I observe that you have automated it: my grand-daughter’s will only move when you push it. I’d love to know how you did this: even just a link …

    As I said, I’m into architecture: so while your stations with all those escalators (like my local station here) are impressive, I want to give the grand-kids something resembling Flinders St. Melbourne, as I did for their parents (about your age). Something Grand & Historic (even though only finished in 1910).

    Love any feedback re. how to mechanise the vehicle in set 60097.

    1. Arjen Post author

      Hi Dion,

      Thanks for the compliments! I used a pretty old system to mechanise the tram. It’s called Monorail and was for sale in beginning 90’s. It came with the following sets:

      Unfortunately, the monorail parts are becoming very scarce and expensive. If you don’t have the system laying around, I’d suggest you don’t use it: I think you’ll spend more on track and parts that the 60097 set did cost you. is a website where people buy and sell Lego parts, all parts can be found overthere. This is the directory for the monorail parts: By clicking a part, you can see what price it is being sold for. Have a look at the straight monorail and you get the picture…

      So I’d suggest that you find another way to mechanise the tram (unless money is no option). Maybe using standard train rails with a Power Functions train motor?

      If you have any more questions, please let me know.

  7. Serkan DEMIRHAN

    Hi Arjen,

    I really enjoyed about your projects . I am also an industrial engineer and dealing factory automation and Iot stuff % dealing with business intelligence to connect every device . But had never ever produced any enojayle projects such as your train projects. Beatiful job thanks for sharing your projects.

    Best wishes

  8. Jacques

    Hoi Arjen,

    is het mogelijk dat je de lxf files van het treinstation beschikbaar stelt? De link in een van de berichten op youtube werkt niet meer. Zou het graag als basis willen gebruiken voor de trainlayout die we ergens in 2018 willen tentoonstellen. Uiteraard als er kosten aan verbonden zijn, wil ik er voor betalen.

    Hoor graag van je.


  9. Jack


    where did you get/ buy the Huge Lego train station MOC of 25000 bricks. I’ve been trying to find it for so long.

  10. siebe leen

    Hi my dad and I have been trying to build LEDs into our lego buildings for a while when we went to your w.i.p. video E08 of your station looked then built your lights in your lantern poles on the roof how do you do that and which LEDs do you use

  11. Tyler

    Hello Arjen, I noticed that you have downloads on the page and how to links. However they do not seem to be working.
    You work is amazing and would love to be inspired with your ideas.

  12. Eduardo Llorens

    Hi Arjen,

    This is Eduardo, from Barcelona, Spain. My 8 years old son loves your escalator, could you help me in order to build for him one like yours? I will appreciate your help

    Kind regards


    1. Arjen Post author

      Hi Eduardo,

      Have a look at my downloads page. There you can find the LDD model of the train station with the escalator inside.


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