Current projects


Trains randomly stopping and leaving stations
I’ve done this kind of thing a while ago. The problem with that setup was that it had a central controller. In the new design, all stations will have their own microcontroller. I need to solve some electronic problems (EM interference), then this project can be setup in no time since the software is almost ready. Upload time depends on the two projects above and my time available. Maybe even before “Crashtober” if I’m lucky. Check out the video below from my Work In Progress channel in which a proof of concept is demonstrated.

Octan Railway Project (on hold for now)
I’m currently working on an Octan railway site. Here trains can load oil from large oil tanks and there will be also an Octan locomotive, based on the Lego train BNSF set. I’m thinking of automating some things, but I don’t know what yet.

Octan railway