Finished projects

Alien planet explorer

Automated train track

6 Lego train crash

Octan train

Automated container terminal

Space train

Automated level crossing

Random station

Automated rail crossing

Huge train track

10 Lego train crash

Automated 7866

Regulated compressor

Automated coal terminal

Skyscraper crash

2 thoughts on “Finished projects

  1. Tobi Akintunde


    Just based on your experience. I want to organise a level crossing challenge for high school kids, and just wondering what level crossing (10128,7936-1, 7834-1, 7835-1) and the best sensor to use whether infrared or ultrasonic.
    Thank you

    1. Arjen Post author


      First the sets:
      pro: nice “large” building where you can hide the electronics
      con: very expensive set
      pro: also nice building where you can hide the electronics, though a bit smaller than 10128
      con: have a look at the barriers: this is a system where you can’t attach a technic axle to motorize it so you can’t easily automate this set (you need to by separate different barriers)
      pro: price
      con: since the building is a bit higher, it’s more difficult to hide the electronics in it and if needed extend it a bit to do so.

      I’d go for the 7835 as the 10128 is too expensive for a school project I assume. And let the kids struggle a bit to hide the electronics in the building

      pro: very easy to program: they just give an analoque signal that can be connected to an analoque input of a micro controller like an Arduino.
      con: infrared sensors could have some trouble with direct sunlight as they’re “blinded” by it.

      pro: less interference
      con: are a bit slower but that isn’t noticeable on small distances of a few centimeters, programming is a bit more difficult since you need to send out a signal, wait for it and then calculate the distance based on the time waited. A lot of examples on the internet though.

      If you’re working indoors use an infrared, otherwise go for an ultrasonic sensor.

      If you have any more questions, please let me know! And if the project is still to be done: let me know the results, curious!


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